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::: Active Core Contests Are Over Until Future Notice :::


PRIZES NOW WORTH Over  $240.00 !

(Runs in 2-Week Cycles)

Results at Bottom of this Page and 'Winners' Page

The Winners gain the SAME PRIZE
at BOTH Traffic Exchanges!!


100,000 Regular Credits + 2 Banners: Unlimited Impressions for 30 days*

2nd Placement = 50,000 Credits

3rd Placement = 25,000 Credits

4th Placement = 10,000 Credits

Random Draw - See notes below...

The ACTIVE CORE reflect members like you who are reading this and taking part in our contests - this is our new name for the combined contest that will occur at the same time at both our sites (RST and MVT)

These are the current prizes for this 2-week cycle.

Here is how it works.

1st this is a combined contest of both our traffic exchanges - and
You do not have to belong to both sites - but those who are active at both sites will always place higher in the points.

Join Both RST and MVT and use the same 'Handle' and same 'email address' for both accounts.

The contest is based on points and i will use a multiplier for the Manual Surf Exchange and the Unique Hits Page. Those who promote their Refer Page (see 'Your Info' link in Members Area)  can gain massive points since the *15x* multiplier, same is True for the Manual Surfers with now a *10x* Multiplier

- Regular Surf Contest Multiplier is Zero.
- Manual Surf Contest Multiplier will now be *10*
- Unique Hit Contest Multiplier will be *15*

Here is the Example:
Your a member at both RST and MVT and you are participating in all 6 contests. (3 from RST and 3 from MVT)
And your totals at the end of the contest show as follows and adding in the Multiplier!

RST Regular Surf show your total as: 100,000 x (no Multiplier) = 100,000 points
MVT Regular Surf show your total as: 150,000 + (no Multiplier) = 150,000 points

RST Manual Surf show your total as: 1000 x (10 Multiplier) = 10,000 points
MVT Manual Surf show your total as: 200 x (10 Multiplier) = 2,000 points

RST Unique Hit Contest shows your total as: 10,000 x (15 Multiplier) = 150,000 points
MVT Unique Hit Contest shows your total as: 25,000 x (15 Multiplier) = 375,000 points

Your points total would be added as follows: (100,000+150,000+10,000+2,000+150,000+375,000) is 787,000 points Total

* It is true that if you take a placement you will gain the same exact prize at BOTH Sites. Using the example above - the 1st place winner with the highest combined points will win 100,000 Regular Credits at RST and 100,000 Credits at MVT. And 30 days Unlimited Impressions x 2 banners at our ad server (
* A random winner will be drawn that will also win 5,000 Regular Credits - Currently those with scores of 350,000 points will be in drawing - Top 4 winners will not be included in the additional random draw.
* 2-Unlimited Banner Impressions for 30 days each.* This is controlled by our partner site - and current exposures range from 5000-9000 exposures PER DAY on all websites.
* Prizes and Multipliers could increase or decrease the next contest cycle all depending on participation. Right now participation is very low so If participation in our contests are lacking then they will stop and not begin again at the next 2-week cycle. A note will be posted.
* To change your 'Handle' or email address just login then go to Members Area -->Your Info -->General and you can change both so they are the same at both memberships.
* If any member cheats by using hidden frames, or any other method, to gain credits, their account will be closed and their actions reported to the VS-TrEx for blockade.

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Active Core Contests

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